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    About Bee Simple

    Bee Simple's Yin Yang garden seating
    Bee Simple initially formed out of complete frustration in my search to live a less toxic life. I was continually battling through a minefield of information (and misinformation) about commonly used terms and ingredients. Trying to source products without harmful bits and battling misleading terms like Chemical Free & Organic was a minefield....trying to find a website that sells less toxic products, was almost impossible.

    Of course the other main ingredient for Bee Simple to take flight was the honey and beeswax from our garage-top beehives in Maidstone.... thank you my little friends, you really are fascinating and greatly appreciated!.



    "I’ve been meaning to drop you a line for months to say how much I love the tub of moisturiser that you kindly gave me for Christmas. I only need a tiny amount as I’ve got quite oily skin but it goes on lovely and smooth and soaks in really well."

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