Made in Melbourne

    Natural Homemade

    Bee Simple homemade create products with honey and beeswax straight from our Maidstone garagetop beehives.
    Bee Simple cosmetics are free from synthetic preservatives and synthetic ingredients. No SLS, EDTA and all that nasty stuff. Bee Simple Knowledgebase and Bee Simple Recipes help reduce the number of toxic products in your life.... and save you money!

    Bee Simple initially formed out of complete frustration in my search to live a less toxic life. Due to an outbreak of rosacea and lack of knowledge about how to get rid of it, research showed I needed to eliminate as many chemicals as I could. After years of battling through a minefield of information (and misinformation) about commonly used terms and ingredients, trying to source non-toxic products and battling misleading terms like Chemical Free & Organic I decided to try making my own.

    Wanting to be as natural as I could, I started with our excess of honey and beeswax from our Maidstone garagetop beehives making things like the lip balm and handwash and was mighty impressed with the results. So I made some more for friends and after a huge amount of positive feedback I decided to create Bee Simple.

    .... thank you my little bee friends, you really are wonderfully fascinating creatures and your work is greatly appreciated!

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